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The mission of the project later developed in a web portal is to present truthful and current information about legal entities and economic agents operating in the legal framework of the Republic of Moldova.

Our priority is to provide the most current, informative and diverse data in the field of business, which undoubtedly reveals the complete image of legal entities of interest to the user.

The tools offered by eData allow you to search quickly, easily and conveniently among the thousands of data that the portal contains.

The aggregated data within the project are used only from public sources that constitute open data.

Open data is provided by public authorities, however, the data does not contain personal information, trade secrets or state secrets. Identifying and publishing data collections of interest to citizens and businesses is a task for public authorities.

Thus, any natural or legal person may re-use the document made available by a public authority or institution in accordance with the Conditions of access and re-use of public sector information. All data are updated monthly from official sources that provide access to open data, such as date.gov.md.

What is Open Data?

Open data is data that can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone.

The peculiarities of Open Data are:

• Documents whose elaboration was financed from the public budget or from external donations;

• Public documents;

• Documents in open and automatically processable formats.

Data that is not open:

• Personal data, trade secret or state secret;

• Data whose provision constitutes an activity that comes from the sphere of public service;

• Data on which a third party holds the intellectual property right and / or regulated by the industrial property right;

• Documents with limited access in accordance with the legislation on access to information.

Where public information can be accessed:

• On the web pages of public institutions;

• Date.gov.md - the platform that aims to provide a single access point to documents for reuse;

• eData.biz - Electronic Business Data Platform.