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Today the information in the world is just a click away is a digital resource that provides information about businesses and companies in the region and has an extensive collection of data that can be accessed by everyone interested in business information and the capabilities of economic agents. The purpose of this portal is to provide the private sector and experts, source of open data on all characteristics and economic information of companies from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.
To facilitate the search, the user can download the company profile, which contains data such as: Organizational form, Activities, Divisions, Director, Founder, Legal address, Company contacts, Statistical reports, Changes in state registers, Auction Notifications and other useful information.

Users of the portal are representatives of companies that act as:

  • Directors and managers of companies – who can use the portal to find potential partners and check their reliability. The portal provides all information about companies in order to escape from an unpleasant situation;

  • Finance department managers and accountants – who, through access to financial reports, offers and acquisitions of companies, will simplify the verification of economic agents and will help reduce financial risks;

  • Representatives of purchasing or sales departments – having information about the life of the company, available licenses, field of activity, can identify companies with potential risks so they will cooperate only with reliable economic agents.

  • The heads of the analysis and planning department – have the opportunity to use a powerful tool to establish "cross–links" in order to quickly identify "enterprises launched overnight" of subsidiaries and other counterparties whose profile requires increased attention.

The advantage of the portal is that the information never becomes outdated, the data is regularly updated using the most innovative verification and accumulation tools.
The functionality of the site is constantly expanding, the development team guarantees continuous modernization of the portal, adding new compartments and services for the convenience of the user.