Frequently Asked Questions

What is eData?

The eData platform is developed by "RTS ONE", with the aim to provide its users with true and up-to-date information about persons with legal status, whose activity takes place within the legal framework of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine. The platform contains information about the legal status of individuals and companies. The platform provides the most up-to-date business data as well as simple online tools for aggregating and analyzing information. The data aggregated within the project is used only from public sources that constitute open data.

What kind of data does eData offer to users?

The eData platform operates with open public data to provide up-to-date information to all its users. Thus, the platform includes the following categories of data:

  • Company profile which includes data on the organisational/legal form, IDNO, legal address, date of registration, status, licensed and unlicensed types of activity;
  • Profile of company founders and directors, as well as relationships that exist with other companies;
  • Company history, collected from public data and placed in the company profile;
  • Integration of legal addresses with the Google API to identify them on Google Maps.
Who is the eData platform for?

The platform encompasses a variety of open data that will be useful for the following categories of professionals:

  • Company directors and administrators. Through advanced search of information about company partners (with the possibility to verify their credibility) users can make important and strategic decisions faster and more efficiently to ensure the sustainable development of their business.
  • Purchasing managers. Company information includes data on authorized capital, company lifetime, available licenses and also facilitates the identification of companies with potential risks. Once this information is managed you will only work with trusted suppliers.
  • Sales managers. Thanks to a CAEM catalogue you can identify potential customers for your service/product much more easily, by orienting yourself by the type of activity of the companies you obtain, in a few moments, the complete list of companies, classified by fields of activity.
  • Managers of the Analysis and Planning Department. eData provides users with a powerful tool to analyze and establish "cross-links" in order to identify more quickly "overnight start-ups", affiliated organizations and other contractors whose profile needs further attention.
  • Security Department managers. The platform provides the ability to track changes to company data online and check company history, enabling the security department to perform operational checks, prevent and mitigate potential risks.
  • Accountants. Access to the platform's information is indispensable for tax planning, preparation and submission of accounting, tax and management reports. This simplifies the interaction and verification of economic agents and contributes to reducing both fiscal and financial risks.
What are the possibilities of using the platform?

The eData platform is available for free, for 7 calendar days, for all authorized users with the possibility of making 30 accesses. Users also have 3 subscriptions: Beginner, Standard and Premium.

The Benignner subscription provides access to company information (director (s), founder (s), legal address), company contacts (email, website, phone, fax), company history and profile, similar companies, and extended search parameters: company name, tax code, status, administrator, founder, organizational and legal form, type of activity (licensed / unlicensed). The subscription offers the possibility to follow 10 companies, and its price is 1899 lei per year.

By purchasing the Standard subscription, users get the features included in the Beginner package, which are complemented by the ability to view statistical reports, export CSV data, access to information about offers placed by the company in public procurement, including public procurements initiated by the company and placed on public procurement platforms. This package allows the tracking of 20 companies, and its price is 2499 lei per year.

The largest and most customized package, Premium, comes with a wide range of services included in the above-mentioned access options, but also with unique features, represented by email notifications about auctions, updates in companies tracked by users and companies new registered. The service has the capacity to track 30 companies. The package price is 2899 lei per year.

What should I do if the company I represent has outdated or missing data on the platform?

If you find any data discrepancies between the official information of the company you represent and the data displayed on eData, including if the name of the company's administrator is different from the correct one, we would be grateful if you would contact the public institutions responsible for eliminating these errors. As far as eData is concerned, the information transferred to the portal is updated regularly, at intervals of not more than one month, so that the corrected information will be processed over a calendar month. 

How do I call the eData helpdesk?

If you have become an eData user and have any difficulties or questions for the platform developers, you can contact us at any time by email We are here to help you so that using the platform is a useful experience for you.


If you need more information, please contact us.